About Us

Tracie has been an agility, herding and obedience competitor for over 10 years with her sheltie and border collies.  After rehabbing her border collie from a psoas injury with two rehab veterinarians, she learned a great deal about canine conditioning to bring him back to full health.  She used the FitPAWS Products to help build strength and balance along with following a cardio plan for a complete cross training conditioning plan.  To also aid in his recovery she used the Back on Track coat to promote healing. He is currently healthy, strong and competing again in agility, barn hunt and herding. He is in better condition now than he was before his injury.  So Tracie knows first hand the importance of a proper conditioning plan and the results that can be achieved for our canine athletes and pets to perform at their best and reduce chance of injury. Tracie furthered her education by completing the FitPAWS master trainer course as well as the course with the University of Tennessee to become a Certified Canine Fitness Trainer.