Fitness Foundation 

Instructor: Tracie Lampton, MT, CCFT

Jupiter, FL outdoors under Pavilion on mats 

4 weeks

Starting Saturday May 4 (no class May 18) at 8:30am and

Mondays (if enough interest) starting May 6 at 6:00pm 

Foundation Fitness Class (limit to 8 students) 

 This class will be a 4 week foundation class for those interested in getting off to the right 🐾 with canine fitness. If you are new to canine fitness, or if you perhaps dipped your toe in by buying a fitness product, maybe watched a few videos or even attended a seminar but just not clear if you are doing the exercises correctly or how to put together an ongoing fitness program, then this class is definitely for you. The class will be progressive and will cover the beginning blocks of how to start your dog off on the right 🐾 of canine fitness and will advance to more challenging exercises. From observing each team over a multi-day class setting, it will enable me to have a more in-depth knowledge of your dog, provide a better forum for feedback and questions as you progress through learning the exercises, and help address any training challenges. Also as part of this class I will provide a customized fitness program for 30 days designed to build on the skills you learned and to improve YOUR dog’s fitness level. If your dog does a sport, I can also tailor it to help you target specific areas that will help reduce Injury and improve performance. The class will be over 4 weeks at my house by the barn under the pavilion on mats as well as the field. There will be lecture and exercises so dogs will get plenty of rest in between exercises.  This class is not intended to teach fitness program design. 

Cost of the class will be $130 and limited to 8 students. Dogs must be friendly and ok working near other dogs. No makeup sessions will be provided so please ensure you can make each class as it is progressive. This class is not for any dog rehabbing from an injury without clearance from your rehab vet. This class is not open to instructors affiliated with a training center or canine training business.  I am a Certified Canine Fitness Trainer with over 5 years experience.




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