Glyco-Gen FAQ


What are the ingredients in Glyco-Gen Energy Shakes and Bones?

  • Maltodextran, whey and vanilla.

What is the function of each ingredient?

  • Maltodextran – a small complex carbohydrate, to replenish glycogen stores
  • Whey – milk protein for assisting the absorption of maltodextran
  • Vanilla – for flavor

Doesn't sugar/starch do the same thing?

  • Sugars (glucose, fructose, corn syrup) are very hydrophilic. That means they need to be given with large amounts of water or they may draw water into the gut from the body. In some dogs this causes gastric upset (vomiting/diarrhea) and even dehydration! Starches (bread, potatoes, rice, barley) require digestion to break them down into sugars that can be absorbed. This process takes time and, unfortunately, the window of opportunity to utilize the GLUT4 pathway closes long before the starch can be fully digested.

What's so bad about insulin?

  • Insulin is necessary to transport sugars into cells. As long as enough sugar is present, the body is balanced. Unfortunately, the sugar level in the blood drops before the insulin level, resulting in hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). Hypoglycemia causes fatigue and a sluggish response to commands. This effect is especially evident when large doses of sugar (or starches) are given.

Why doesn't maltodextrin release insulin?

  • Maltodextrin is not a sugar. It is a small complex carbohydrate that doesn’t trigger the release of insulin.

When do I give Glyco-Gen Energy Shakes?

  • Glyco-Gen Energy Shakes should be given within 30 minutes of exercise. A second dose 45-60 minutes later may provide additional benefit to a very exhausted dog. In addition, if a dog tends to get exhausted during work, a half-dose given 15-20 minutes before work could prove helpful.

What sizes does the shake come in and how long will it last?

  • Shake:
    • 1# Pouch = 75 (1 tablespoon) Scoops
    • 2# Pouch/Jar = 150 Scoops
  • Bones:
    • 25 bones = 50 Scoops

Can Glyco-Gen shake be mixed ahead of time?

  • Yes, you can premix Glyco-Gen Shake Mix. But it does contain whey protein which can "sour" in warm weather. The maltodextran is not affected by premixing. If ambient temperature is >70 or so, it can "sour" in an hour or two. Warmer temps may cause problems faster. It is recommended to keep it refrigerated or in a cooler to prolong the shelf life. Smell the mix before administering. If it smells like vanilla or nothing, it is ok to use, but if it smells like "sour milk" discard and do not use.

My dog drinks the Glyco-Gen fine, but I want him to have more water. Can I mix it with water so he will consume more?

  • Yes, you can. Use only a small amount of the water at first, because you want him to get all of the powder and its benefits. If you know he will drink it all, use whatever amount you like, within reason.

In some agility venues my dog does 5-6 runs in a day, sometimes with only a few minutes in between. Do I still give a half does each time?

  • Use your best judgement, but I would at least give some so that they have a treat and something to work off of for the next run.

My dog has plenty of energy. Will it hype him up?

  • No, it will not. He may be faster, because he is getting what he needs to feel his best!